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As a full service security firm representing established and emerging corporations we offer an expertise and range of services essential in today’s business environment.

We survey your company or individuals to effectively analyze strengths and weakness of your current security measures. Whether a business or personal residence our aim is provide solutions that protect your valuable assets. Our surveys include:

   • The building, structure or home: walls, windows, doors,
       and key/lock controls

   • Existing security

   • Electronic access system

   • Protective lighting

   • Intrusion section systems

   • Closed circuit television

   • Computer Access Controls

These programs ensure the organization’s facilities are properly secured and provide a safe environment for both management and staff. Our recommendations are designed to address both immediate and long-term issues. Areas our audits can be used:

   • Reviewing deployment of current or developing company
       polices or procedures

   • Training of management and employees in identified security matters

   • Implementation of current or new security measures

The discovery of information is the most critical part of any investigation. So is the investigative firm. Our staff provides a comprehensive investigation that is always accurate and reliable. We not only aid in finding suitable solutions for immediate issues, we help identify potential problems before they occur.

Intellectual Property
In general, intellectual property consists of legally protected “creations of the mind,” such as a patented invention and copyrighted works of literature. Intellectual property has become a tangible asset worth billions of dollars to its holder.

We provide the necessary assistance for protecting the intellectual property of an individual or company. We study the critical issues and assist in developing an effective plan designed to protect this critical asset.

Theft, Internal or External
Business theft has a very real and measurable negative effect. Along with loss of the stolen item and cost of replacement, there are other costs to be considered, especially when theft reoccurs. They are:

   • Difficulty filling customer orders

   • Increase of insurance premiums

   • Time spent with police and attorneys

   • Impact to productivity and reputation

   • Belief workplace environment is not safeTop

   • Employee injury or possible cost of life

We can provide solutions designed not only to stop immediate theft problems but also prevent future incidents.

Identify or Purchase Counterfeit Material
A business must take action to protect its products from the actions of counterfeiters. We offer proven programs to obtain critical materials and provide needed facts.

Forensic Investigation
Forensic Investigation is a methodology whereby any evidence discovered is acceptable in a Court of Law. We provide services in two of these areas:

Accounting Forensic
An auditing method designed to detect fraud or other inappropriate financial actions that may be adversely effecting an organization or individual.

Computer Forensic
The science of protecting, identifying, extracting and documenting computer evidence or information.

Critical information is best obtained through one of these two investigative methods. It allows us to discover crucial facts and help protect our clients.

Many times surveillance is an important component to an investigation or other security program. With years of practical experience in this area our investigators can properly anticipate and plan for the needs of each respective program.

Law Enforcement Liaison
During some situations our clients have needed law enforcement officials to properly resolve criminal issues. We maintain good relationships with the law enforcement community and can coordinate with the correct agency to achieve the best results.

Domestic Investigations

Divorce issues

Child custody

Infidelity issues

Company Alarm Installations and Home Alarm Installations

Insight Group has designed corporate security systems for different levels of security. Our trained staff will work with you to provide a safe work environment combining physical security with card reader access units.


We ensure our personal security measures are carried out in ways that maximizes the executive’s well being, while minimizing the impact to their daily life. To achieve an effective program, our highly trained professionals closely review all aspects of relevant information linked to our clients.

Our executive security programs contain the following measures:

Threat assessment and vulnerability studies: significant in determining the threat levels and classifying

Consulting and Training: designed to give our clients and affected family members the ability to recognize and properly react to dangerous situations or avert potential hazardous situations

Security Model: demonstrates possibilities, kind of program and amount of protection needed against threats directed towards our clients

Advanced Work and Reconnaissance: designed to properly plan, recognize potential dangers early and institute effective countermeasures

Residential Security: protection at the residence is always critical and we apply a heightened awareness, sensitivity and many of the same security techniques used at our clients’ workplace

Travel and Close Security Escort: necessary planning and protection while traveling to ensure constant security regardless of the method of transportation. Our close escort provides the client with highest level of protection at every instance they are in our care.

Special Events: all the security needs for conferences, receptions and other special events. This includes complete responsibility for the protection of our client, VIPs and other related details.
Our clients can minimize their exposure to claims by conducting thorough reference checks and background investigations of job applicants or other relevant business matters. Some of our related services are:

   • Education verification and validation

   • Employment verification

   • Criminal, federal and civil record checks

   • Department of Motor Vehicle

   • Judgments, suits and lien conformation

Workplace violence and harassment is an increasing problem. Appropriate steps must be taken to avoid exposing companies, employees and management to potentially dangerous situations. We offer immediate solutions to reduce the risk to all concerned. Depending on the circumstances, we can offer several effective solutions:

   • Comprehensive threat evaluations

   • Surveillance programs

   • Physical securityTop

   • Human resource and legal counsel liaison

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